You deserve someone fully invested in you having an extraordinary experience. 

you deserve more

you deserve: 

... whenever it is most convenient for YOU.

Someone available to answer your questions and concerns...

No 1

... to YOUR problems vs. a one-size-fits-all package.

Someone to offer great solutions and advice...

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... (and at the right price points) to meet your needs.

Someone with trusted industry contacts...

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... to help you narrow down your own aesthetic.

Someone with great design interpretation skills... 

no 4

...  and read between the lines of legal copy.

Someone who knows how to navigate contracts ...

no 5

“We interviewed other coordinators but got the feeling that our wedding was just another job to them. Lisa's joyful enthusiasm and dedication to making our wedding vision come true won us over."

— hillary, bride

You Deserve More

more than just another vendor

We want to be more than a vendor on your team.​​​​​​​ 

We want to be involved from the beginning. To help with who you hire, how you design the layout of your party, and how you infuse your personalities into the event.

Back in 2008, when our founder Lisa began working for a DC caterer, she learned what can go wrong at an event, how to size up a venue, how many tables a room can hold, and where to place the bar for good flow.

And she developed relationships and made connections with some of the best vendors in the business.

Now, if you're struggling to find the perfect DJ, a florist who can fill the ceiling of your venue with flowers, or someone to make the unique escort wall you've only pictured in your dreams, we have the perfect solution.

This is what I want

“Her passion for this work and her experience gave us a lot of comfort in making decisions.”


— Marlee, bride

Every step of the way she was with us to make sure we were working with the best vendors, getting the best prices, and to take all the stresses of wedding planning away from us. Her passion for this work and her experience gave us a lot of comfort in making decisions, which is something we struggled with prior to working with Lisa. She knew how to take our ideas and make them a reality.

More Than Just a Checklist

Then, we'll allocate your budget to make sure you spend in the most impactful way.

And because we don't have set "office hours", you'll have the flexibility and freedom to contact us whenever works best for you. So, you can get your questions answered in *almost* real-time, quickly make decisions, and get back to living your best life.

After all, it doesn't matter how beautiful something looks if your people aren't there to witness it in the first place.

We want to help you make decisions around your highest priorities.

That's why, more than just going through a checklist of typical to-do's, we'll dive into what motivates your decisions and figure out who and what is most important to you. 

this is what I want

— Kristin

from one of our brides:

“She helped me narrow in on my what was most important to me.”

From the beginning, she helped me narrow in on my what was most important to me and guided me through the process of bringing this to life. Lisa not only made great vendor recommendations but was fun, detail-oriented, kind and a pleasure to do vendor visits with. She always knew what questions to ask, how to analyze contracts and make sure that our choices fulfilled my ultimate goals."

We want to be more than the ladies who set out your place cards. More than the team that ensures the groomsmen haven't scattered before pictures.

We want to be your advocate. To plan for pitfalls and develop a solid plan B. To shelter you from any problems that may arise. (And they will.) 

But with us on your team, we'll be the only ones that ever know if something goes wrong.

We'll handle any curveballs that may come your way. Not you, your bridesmaids or even your mom will know any different.

Our goal is to give you a day filled with the fondest, most beautiful, happy memories. A day so perfect it shows up in your pictures.

A day that starts your life off in the best way possible.

More Than Just Ladies With Clipboards

This is what I want

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Are a little bit modern, and a little bit classic.

our dream clients

“Our main reason for getting a wedding coordinator was so that our mothers could enjoy our day as much as we did. Lisa fulfilled that need and so much more. The week of our wedding it rained constantly, and Lisa helped coordinate last-minute details so that the wedding went off without a hitch. Lisa genuinely wants you to have the best day of your life and does everything in per power to make it happen.”

— jessica, Bride

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