The Perfect Solution

You want a wedding that's different from any other wedding you’ve ever been to. Something truly unique. Something carefully thought out, curated and crafted. A true experience from start to finish. And you have a vision. You know what you want and, more importantly, what you don't want. (Or perhaps you have no idea!) 

Problem is, you don't know how to pull it all together. You're not sure who to hire. And you're not sure how much any of it should really cost.

If this is you, welcome! You've come to the right place.

Ultimately, you don’t know what all you need, but you know you need help!

From the moment your guests arrive for the rehearsal dinner to the sparkler exit at the end of the reception, our job is to help you choreograph WOW moments and seamless movement.​​​​​​​

The Complete Experience

Here are the ways we make that a possibility for every single client no matter if it’s month-of, partial, or full-service.

Throw away that free checklist from The Knot. Instead, we'll take those endless to-do's and break them down to something manageable and fully tailored to your plans. And throughout the planning process, we’ll monitor progress to ensure that plans are on track.

A To Do List That Doesn't Overwhelm

We'll dig into each vendor you’ve contracted, analyze what has been promised, and ensure that what’s been arranged is what you actually need in order to make your event a success. In other words, if you’ve been promised three bartenders, we’ll verify that’s what’s needed to avoid long lines. And we’ll double-check that they actually show that night.

Vendor Navigation

Sometimes Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, but there's no need to worry. Our team will design a complete rain plan if needed, so you (and all the vendors) will know exactly how to proceed if a little rain comes our way.

A Total Plan B (or C)

We'll talk through the items you may want to incorporate into your day, and we'll teach you how to organize yourself with packing lists, tips, and tricks. And just in case you forget something, not to worry. We'll come to the rescue with our "emergency kit".

A Well Organized Wedding Day


Know that your guests are being guided and entertained throughout your entire ceremony and reception. We'll create a timeline that ensures the day or evening flows well and includes a little wiggle room if anything goes slightly off course.

A Timeline That Flows

Given our extensive industry experience, we know just the vendors you need to execute your ideas, and the team of guides that will bring positive energy to the room instead of stress and worry to your wedding day.

Relax knowing that we won't allow anything unsafe or unsightly to alter your day. That means ensuring the linens are steamed or the tip jar is removed from the bar so as to not negatively impact the beauty of what we've created.

An Eye for the Smallest of Details

A Vendor Team That Rocks

An Event That Wows

This Sounds Perfect

“We could not have done any of it without her. Throughout the experience, she was calm and professional and helped us navigate various challenges that arose during our planning process.”

— Arielle, Bride

Lisa was so organized and helpful when it came to helping us select our vendors, she did an incredible job coordinating all of our vendor contracts and ensuring we received everything we were promised, and we were blown away by the timeline she built to help ensure our day ran smoothly. We could not have done any of it without her. Throughout the experience, she was calm and professional and helped us navigate various challenges that arose during our planning process.

investment options

The Total Package

If you're looking for someone who is sympathetic, caring, reliable, calm, competent, and skilled, you've found the best darn planners out there. (In our humble opinion.)

Month-Of Management, Partial & Full Planning & Design Options available. Contact us now to find out the best option for you.

If you want peace-of-mind, better sleep, more confidence, and a wedding to be proud of, let's get started.

Partial, Full and Design Only Options Available:
Pricing Based on Services Needed

this sounds perfect

We believe your day should be organized around what's most important to you—not pinned in by some rigid tradition you feel the need to follow. That's why, we'll guide you to discover what's most important. Then, we'll simply encourage you to spend wisely in those areas, and we’ll monitor the progress throughout to make sure your decisions don’t throw you off course.

Budget Planning

We'll begin by looking through your answers to our design questionnaire and taking a look at what you register for. Then we'll hone-in on your personal style and provide design suggestions that breathe life into your dreams and ensure your wedding day is just what you imagined (and more!).

Design Services

Additional enhancements

Get a wedding that reflects your style!

Get a wedding that reflects your budget!

Consider adding these a la carte services to your month-of or partial package.

Overwhelmed by the multitude of options that seemed to present themselves with every last decision required of us, we were grateful for—and extremely impressed by—Lisa's knowledge, insight, and ability to make things happen. She kept us on-task, was beyond flexible and patient with us and guided us through what would otherwise have been an extremely stressful process with unparalleled professionalism. Lisa made everything that at times seemed impossible to us look easy, and that's the mark of a true professional.

“She kept us on-track and was patient.”

John, groom


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