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Do Not Leave This One Thing Out of Your Wedding Budget

Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic that turned our world upside down this  item was something I never gave a second thought to. In my experience as a wedding planner I had one wedding cancel when the couple could not reconcile their differences. I had NEVER had a wedding postponed for any reason, or a vendor not show up.  But with the flip of a  switch I found myself along with all business owners in uncharted territory. I began looking at vendor contracts reading postponement, cancellation and force majeure clauses and googling terms to make sure I was interpreting the legal jargon correctly.

I emailed my couples and advised them to get this item. Going forward this will be included on my wedding check lists and initial budget discussions with clients. While we never dreamed something like this would happen, the lesson learned is that this can happen and we need to be prepared and protected.

The item to always include in your wedding budget is WEDDING INSURANCE.

Wedding are expensive and insurance provides  protection for that investment.

Wedding Insurance consists of two types of coverage, liability and cancellation.

Liability coverage is often required by venues as it covers injuries and property damage and if you are hosting the bar the venue often requires  host liquor liability.

Cancellation insurance Is protection from unforeseen circumstances that may cause postponement or cancellation of your wedding. This will not cover cancellations due to personal reasons but will cover a serious illness or injury, job loss,  unforeseen closure of the venue and many other wedding day disasters. The insurance company will help you recoup the costs associated with postponement and cancellations.

Basic liability insurance is usually under $100. If you add cancellation protection the cost will be dictated by the amount of coverage you want and need. Most insurance providers will let you customize coverage and deductibles.

Listed below are few companies that provide wedding insurance, however you should also check with your homeowners insurance for a quote.




Wedding Protection Plan Wedding Insurance

Sadly couples who purchased wedding insurance prior to the pandemic are finding that global pandemics are not covered. I hope this will be considered moving forward.  When choosing a policy ask about coverage for pandemics and make sure you understand specifically what is covered and what is not covered.

Additionally, please read your vendor  and venue contracts to make sure you understand the cancellation, postponement and force majeure clauses. A reputable vendor should be able to explain their policies to you. If not an experienced wedding planner will look for this information when reading your contracts before you sign them.

I know this is not a fun part of wedding planning, but purchasing wedding insurance can go a long way to relieving stress should something go awry. A great wedding planner will be able to review and advise you before signing contracts.

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